Calling all tigers

The psychedelic network was established 08.28.2014 (。◕‿◕。) 
by drugsruleeverythingaroundme and drugsandtvshowsallday
Feel free to apply to our network (Network blog: psychedelic-network):
This are some informations we need to know about you.You can add other informations! There is no minimum value of followers you need to have. Follow counts won’t affect chances but there is a  limit of 24 members.
Why you want to join the network:
Follower Count: 
How active you are:
What will you get from it?:
Meet new people with similar interests and build friendships
Support in polls, help with html etc.
We share your fics, edits, graphics, selfies
Promote you whenever asked for
Group chats over Skype, tinychat or apps like kik whatever
Sharing stories about drug experiences or other stuff
What  we’re looking for:
friendly people
open minded people
psychedelic blogs
active people
Maybe in some days you’re part of a lovely network! (。◕‿◕。) 

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